5 YouTube channels to learn design and enhance creativity

YouTube has surely become the new age television and the amount of content that it generates everyday is massive. You can find a plethora of videos on almost any topic you like and who even needs to watch TV after kind of content. Through this article I will try to share a list of 5 YouTube channels to learn design and grow quickly as a designer.

Being a UI/UX designer who’s trying to learn constantly about this creative field and who needs to be updated with the current trends, sometimes I get stuck with a Creative Block.

Creative blocks, or barriers to inspiration, can be described as the inability to access one’s internal creativity. When creative blocks surface, they can affect work, performance, and well-being.

So what do I do when I feel stuck, I usually hop on to YouTube to find some inspiration. There are a lot of good channels on the platform that can help you master the art or at least be aware of the design trends that are currently in place. Some of them post almost daily whereas others have an archive of rich content.

I’m not going to list all of them here but only the top 5 YouTube channels to learn design that I feel help me gain insights about the field itself. These channels rarely feature design tutorials but instead help you understand overall design process as well as the current market trends.

1. Flux (Ran Segall)

Ran Segall is a full stack designer from Tel Aviv, Israel and he helps early stage startups with everything from branding, product design, video and investor decks. On his channel Flux, he publishes a video every weekday and usually focuses on how he works and thinks as a designer everyday along with the design tools that he is currently using. He also focuses on freelancing aspect and gives tips on how you can excel as a freelancer. So he’s kind of a design+business guru in short.

So if you are an aspiring designer who wants to know how the mind of a designer works or a creative professional who wants to be updated with the latest design trends, I would surely recommend this great channel with plenty of amazing content..

2. The Futur

I’m sure you must have watched one of their without even knowing how big of a design empire it is. Chris Do and his team of creative professionals like to call themselves — The Futur of education, design, business, learning. The production of their content is simply awesome. They post everything from building your own brand to building your self confidence as a designer. It’s the type of content that you can binge watch without getting bored and the amount of knowledge you get is immense.

They also have a separate channel called The Futur Academy where they usually post design tips. While the main channel is focused on teaching creative designers about business, money and mindset, this channel is basically a hands on approach of design fundamentals in the most dynamic and fun way possible.

3. Awwwards

We all know Awwwards as this professional web design and development competition body which aims to recognize and promote the best of innovative web design. You may have come across that small Site of the Day sticker while browsing the web. It means the site recognizes aesthetic, usability, and technical achievements in web design innovation.

They also have this YouTube channel which I feel like is under rated. They post everything from interviews to conferences to design talks presented by creative professionals from all around the world. You get know how good design is influencing other fields by solving their problems in a unique way.

4. AJ & Smart

A product design studio based in Germany, they post videos every week. They post everything on topics like Product design, UX design, design sprints and a whole lot more in the most fun and entertaining way.

They usually give insights about design sprints and how to take your product from inception to the real world where the users can actually use it along with skills that you need to have before applying for your first ever design job. The channel helps a lot if you’re thinking about creating or updating your design portfolio.

5. Matt D’Avella

I found out about Matt from this Netflix documentary — Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things as he directed and edited this film. His channel is not something that would help you become a better designer but it’s about understanding what Minimalism is, something that I try to implement in my designs.

You must have heard about the phrase Less is More, well this guy lives his life on that principle. His videos are so well produced and just pleasing to the eye. He also does podcasts on his channel where he invites other guests who have somewhat adopted minimalism into their daily lifestyle. From business to life lessons to saving money, this guy does it all and he recently was able to bring Gary Vaynerchuk on his podcast!

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