About me & my process

About me - Abhishek Kaushal

Software Developer turned into a UI & UX Designer, I am on a quest to save fellow earthlings (for now) from facing bad user experiences. I am focused on creating intuitive user-centered experiences for products and services with the aim of bringing value and building trust. When I am not staring at my screen, you’ll probably find me listening to some good music or reading a book or arguing with people that the year 2020 was just a glitch in the simulation.

My design process

Design thinking

I believe that there is no specific process that one needs to adhere to in order to solve a problem. Each problem is unique on its own and the process should be adjusted based on actual understanding of the problem.


But just to stick to a default, I believe in Design Thinking methodology as it is an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding. At the same time it provides a solution-based approach to solving problems.